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Hi, this is Sam Sempere and my pronouns are she/they. I created this website as a sort of online portfolio where I could share my best work as a copywriter, community manager, journalist, video editor and newbie graphic designer with the whole world. Moreover, I like this format because it allows me to talk about myself in a more relaxed and clear way — especially if I have to do it in English!

I used to introduce myself as a passionate communicator that found her reason to live in journalism. Despite it being completely true, my vocation and this hope of finding my place in the press industry didn't bring me more than precarious jobs and many headaches. Fortunately, marketing gave me a new chance to start over — and, at the risk of sounding like a boastful person, I'm pretty good at it nowadays!

Video games have always been an essential part of my life. They make me happy even when the stories they tell are sad or frightening. For that reason, I ended up working as a games marketeer. Not so long ago, I was still dreaming of becoming a leading professional in this sector, but these days I care more about living the present, my ongoing projects with Jaleo PR, and seeing my clients happy with the result of our combined efforts. Still, I am always open to learning more about new professional journeys that might fit my interests. Social media management and community support are the roles I enjoy the most.


Some personal appreciations and interesting facts about me

a. Before joining the games industry, I worked as a community manager in many different companies based in Alicante: from construction and home remodeling to boat charter businesses.

b. In 2019, I wrote a paper about witchcraft and feminism in Japanese animation. It was published in the digital version of the essay book In a Stranger Field: Studies of Art, Audiovisuals and New Technologies in Fantasy, SciFi and Horror Genres.

c. I am a huge fan of East Asian studies. My personal library is full of books on subjects as varied as Chinese and Japanese mythology, the origin and evolution of sinograms, milestones in diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, and much more.

d. Writing realistic fiction and urban fantasy light novels is one of my life goals. Also, I've always liked the idea of developing a visual novel on my own!


My services

Social media management, community management, and customer support services

Editing your store page and dev diaries on Steam

Public relations representation tasks, such as drafting and distributing press releases and media coverage reports

Influencer relations and game key distribution

Creation of advertising plans on Meta, Twitter, and Reddit

Video and photo editing, graphic design for social media


The Road So Far

Marketing & PR management

Community management y redacción de notas de prensa

Creación de contenido digital y apoyo a la comunidad

Social media management

Proofreading y edición para el sector del videojuego

Community management y edición de notas de prensa

Relaciones públicas para España y América Latina

Apoyo a redes sociales durante la campaña de crowdfunding

Atención a la comunidad hispana de Fortnite

Internship en los departamentos de marketing y soporte